P.V.P Leadership and Volunteer Team

Carina Kom

Carina Kom (she/her) is a 12 year game veteran on a mission to bolster industry talent; she is an indie and AAA producer with a background in design and quality control, and is also the founding director of P.V.P: Pitch Circuit. Carina is a community partner advocating for inclusivity and diverse teams using stewardship, empathy, and simply by having fun. That’s why P.VP provides free resources and mentorship on the spot. When she is not “game dev-ing”, she can be found on the winter mountains.

Creative and Events Director at P.V.P.


Top Traits:

Arthur Prostasio

As a storyteller at heart, Arthur’s lifelong passion is crafting riveting tales that leave a mark on the audience – no matter the genre or platform. His path led him to acquire years of experience writing, designing, and directing narratives for several IPs, both independent and big budget. All the way from award-winning theme parks to video games, VR, TV and movies, his portfolio includes projects for internationally renowned partners such as Disney, Samsung, Team 17, and TV Globo. His work on the TV show “Now Generation” was nominated for the International Digital Emmy while the tactical RPG “Sword Legacy: Omen” and VR adventure game “Angest” were awarded Best Game, Best Storytelling and Best VR. Lear more about his journey at https://www.arthurprotasio.com/ & https://www.fablewaredesign.com/

Narrative Writer and Storyteller

Taj Wheeler

Taj is a sound designer and the media wrangler for P.V.P:Pitch Circuit. He finds importance in the local video game developer community that helped him get his own feet running. His goal is to help others discover their local developer family and to help people achieve their goals within the industry. Since starting out in 2017 he has worked on a handful of indie titles and is now working as a technical sound designer for a local game studio. He welcomes everyone to talk to him in person or through online methods!

Taj is often either working or gaming but when he is not around video games he likes to create music, nerd out over cars and motorcycles and can occasionally be found passed out in the middle of hikes.

Sound Engineer
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Emanuel Salazar

I’m a game artist and graphic designer. I have been playing videogames all my life, from sports games to RPGs, because it was something that I enjoyed sharing with my friends and family. I’m currently also working on developing my own game ideas; from the creating concept art, 2d or 3d assets and programming.

Game Artist and Graphic Designer