About Us

In 2018, PVP was founded with the goal to help developers, freelancers, students, and aspiring designers connect with people in the games and entertainment industry. We’re passionate about providing access to education and resources, building up a supportive community, and fostering strong Canadian talent. We’re also committed to making PVP a safe and inclusive space for everyone, and it’s important to us that we work with other local sponsors and clients who share those same values. 

We’re still learning and growing along the way—if you’re a like-minded individual looking to join us for the ride, please say hi!

Leadership & Community Together


Carina (She/Her) is a tenured game veteran and leader on a mission to bolster industry talent. She is a triple threat—indie and AAA producer—with a background in design, production, and quality control. Carina spends a lot of time working with high -performing teams and is also the founding director of PVP: Pitch Circuit where she only partners with advocates who are diverse and inclusivity-focused.

Her strongest qualities are her ability to coach game developers to ship high quality games using stewardship and by providing resources by request. When she is not “game dev-ing”, she can be found on the winter mountains or boxing in a gym.

Carina Kom


Arthur (He/Him) is an award-winning multiplatform writer and director known for his work in the Emmy-nominated series Now Generation and the games Wonderbox: The Adventure Maker, Cobra Kai: The Karate Kid Saga Continues, Sword Legacy: Omen, and Angest—the last two winners of Best Game, Best Storytelling, and Best VR.

He is the founder of Fableware Narrative Design, and has worked with partners such as Disney, Samsung, Team 17, and TV Globo. Arthur teaches creative writing at UBC and his passion for storytelling is only rivaled by his love for parties, cheese, and music.

Arthur Protasio


Taj (He/Him) is a sound designer and the media wrangler for PVP: Pitch Circuit. He finds importance in the local game developer community that helped him get his own feet running. His goal is to help introduce others to this fantastic scene.

Since starting out in 2017, Taj has worked on a handful of indie titles, and is now working as a technical sound designer for Blackbird Interactive.

When he is not around video games he likes to create music, nerd out over cars, and do street photography.

Taj Wheeler


Luis Placid (he/him) is a developer with background in AAA games such as Halo 5: Guardians, Rise of Nations , EA’s UFC and the upcoming Halo:Infinite. Most recently, Luis is pursuing merging his knowledge of game engines & tooling with his passion of story telling, joining DNEG Vancouver, a VFX studio, as a Lead Unreal Developer. He is a strong advocator for diversity, inclusivity and representation across all the industries in his sphere of influence, and a strong promoter of psychological safety in development. When he is not holding a pitchfork to a development toolchain Luis can be found outside on either a bycicle, a kayak, hiking up a mountain or skiing down it depending on the weather.

Luis Placid