We are accepting pitches

Welcome! Are you interested in learning about our P.V.P platform? We’re makers of ‘fun’, pioneers of our community, and creators of easy to learn but hard to master critical thinking for the business of games. Whatever wacky, zany and extraordinary games ideas are bubbling, why not send them to P.V.P and get expert advice on the spot? Submissions are evaluated against equal/standard pitching criteria, and are selected regardless of gender, non-binary, LGBTQ+, and race. Everyone is welcome to pitch as time permits. Presentors are welcome to present pitches again and again in the future, and are also welcome to participate as the audience. If selected to pitch, P.V.P will notify and schedule a call with you and three professionals from the indie and AAA space. Each presentor has a chance to receive free game services after an evaluation by our team is complete; only presenters chosen by our judges will be contacted for prizes.

Disclosure Agreement: P.V.P is a not-for-profit team helping you to get access to veteran game developers. All people who apply to pitch agree to submit materials which may be viewable by a wide audience through www.Twitch.com. P.V.P does not own any of your intellectual property, and by submitting a pitch for critique, our team waives all responsibility, rights, and ownership to your I.P.

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