Pitching Criteria & Tips

Interested in presenting your next project at PVP: Pitch Circuit? Here are some things to keep in mind to help you prepare your slides and know what to cover during your pitch.

Remember! Not every topic needs a slide of its own. Try to combine your points and be mindful of your time. You’ll have during our Online Circuits and at our Live Events.

What's your game or entertainment project about? Try describing it in just two sentences, or coming up with a catchy and enticing tagline. What's the experience you're trying to capture?

To help your audience quickly form an idea of what your concept is, tell us about the crucial elements of your genre(s). Comparing it to key elements of other popular titles can also help. For example, "Think Among Us meets J-RPG!"

You don't have to go into full detail, but make sure the core mechanics are clearly understood by your audience. How do you play? Visuals through prototype capture and flow charts can really help here.

You have a game, but who is it for? It's crucial to show that there's a market of consumers who will be interested in what you have to offer. Think about their age, interests, typical gaming platforms and habits. How big is this market?

Which platforms will you be releasing on? Will your game be PC-only, for all sorts of consoles, or a mobile-first experience? Tell us how you came to this decision, and how your demographics and market research played into it.

Now that you've shown us there's a market for your game, let us know how you've met those needs. How are you going to compete with other offerings, or potentially monetize your project? Will it require special proprietary technology?

Try and include a list of key dates and milestones, as well as any information that proves your understanding of management and efficiency. It's okay if you're still in the concept phase, just let us know what goals you're working towards!

Tell us a little bit about the behind the scenes. How are you uniquely qualified to bring this project to life? Why is this something you're passionate about creating?

Have an ask! Pitching is an act of persuasion. What are you trying to obtain from the panelists and audience? Funding? Feedback? Additional team members? Make it clear.

Example Slide Deck from PVP Alumni