Pitching Criteria

Pitching a game at a PVP event? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

All pitchers get the same amount of time to pitch

  • - Online Circuit: 5 min
  • - Live Events: 2 min

Your pitch should cover the following topics:

  • - Project Description
  • - Genre and Category
  • - Gameplay and Core Mechanics
  • - Target Audience
  • - Target Platform and Monetization Strategy
  • - Project Plan and Timeline
  • - About You/Your Team
  • - Your Ask

Pro Tips for Pitching:

1. Comparing your project to popular titles and well-established franchises can help your audience grasp the main idea quickly, so you can spend more time explaining how your game is unique.

2. *When writing a project plan, don't stop as your expected ship date. Include information that supports your estimate, such as the number of team members, and amount of time you've invested so far.

3. **Have an ask! Pitching is an act of persuasion. What are you trying to obtain from the panelists and audience? Funding? Feedback? New team members? Make it clear.